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Template:Nihongo is a seiyū and singer born December 12, 1975 in Kanegasaki, Isawa, Iwate Prefecture, Japan. She is capable of playing a variety of roles, ranging from young boys to feminine women. Kuwashima is currently affiliated with Aoni Production. Her given name, Template:Nihongo, is sometimes misread as Noriko, even in Japan. This may be due to the fact that Noriko is another way of pronouncing 法子, as seen in the name of Noriko Sakai, a famous Japanese actress.

Notable anime rolesEdit

Bold roles are lead or one of the leads

Notable audio dramas and CD albums Edit

  • db/songbook feat. Hōko Kuwashima
  • en route
  • Flores~Shisha e no Hanataba (Flores~Bouquet for the Dead)
  • realigi
  • Hana Kimi audio drama - Mizuki Ashiya
  • The Gentlemen's Alliance audio drama - Haine Otomiya
  • Kenran Butou Sai Original Sound Log 1 - Vestemona Lauren
  • InuYasha Drama CD: Jigoku De Matteta Shichinintai (「地獄で待ってた七人隊!」 / The Shichinintai Awaits in Hell!)
  • InuYasha Drama CD: Arashi to Matsuri no Hōraijima (The Tempest and Festival of Hōraijima)
  • Kōji Tsujitani feat. Hōko Kuwashima and Kumiko Watanabe in 風のなかへ - Into the Wind (Kaze no Naka e)
  • InuYasha Drama CD: Aka to Shiro Uta Kassen. ("The Red and White Song Battle" InuYasha & Sesshomaru version)
  • Template:Nihongo - Gundam SEED Destiny Soundtrack Vol. 2

Video game voice rolesEdit

Dubbing rolesEdit

External linksEdit

es:Houko Kuwashima fr:Hōko Kuwashima ja:桑島法子 ko:구와시마 호코 ms:Houko Kuwashima ru:Кувасима, Хоко th:โฮโกะ คุวาชิมะ zh:桑岛法子

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